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 The Bothos Blog

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PostSubject: The Bothos Blog   Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:17 pm

This is what I have so far for the Bothos blog. Feel free to add stuff or edit things at your own discretion.

So we've got this friend named Bothos. He is quite the character. There are so many things about him...

Bothos will not eat seafood. Is it because he's allergic? Maybe it makes him sick? Nope. He just won't eat it simply because it comes from the sea. You may be thinking to yourself, "Well, lots of people are like that. Its just a mild stubborness or something." Nope. I once put forth a hypothetical situation to Bothos which would reward him with unlimited cash for the rest of his life if he so much as took a single bite of any kind of seafood ONE time. And he refused. He replied, "No, I have DIGNITY." Yea that makes plenty of sense!

Every female wants him:
Bothos is a virgin, yet he still thinks that every girl wants him. The funny thing about that is that he wants to have sex with most of these girls. You may be thinking that its the perfect situation that both people want to have sex with each other so they'll get it on and both be happy. Except there's a problem with that... The girls DON'T really want him. Bothos has this tendency to take every word said, every action taken, and any body language as some kind of signal that the girl wants him and likes him. He'll tell me about how this girl smiled at him and he would take it as some kind of sexual gesture, even though it could just as easily be some girl trying to conceal her laughter by looking at him or just some happy girl.
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The Bothos Blog
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