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 Flash - tutorials, sites, movies, etc...

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PostSubject: Flash - tutorials, sites, movies, etc...   Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:23 pm

Here are some sites with flash tutorials:
http://www.w3schools.com/Flash/default.asp (very basic explanation of what flash is and some tutorials)
http://www.entheosweb.com/Flash/default.asp (good for learning the basics)
http://www.good-tutorials.com/tutorials/flash (random flash tutorials)
http://www.flashdesignerzone.com/tutorials/ (some more flash tutorials)
a quick google search will give you soooo many more :p

Examples of what flash can do:
http://www.screenvader.com/root.html (crazy 3D rotating menu)
http://www.2advanced.com/ (cool looking site)
http://www.tokyoplastic.com/tokyoplastic1.html (strange site intro and animations)
http://www.animationarcade.com/music/512kbcachemix.html (one of my favorite flash animations)
http://www.newgrounds.com/ (many flash movies/games)
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Flash - tutorials, sites, movies, etc...
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