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 Ad Placement

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PostSubject: Ad Placement   Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:37 am

Ad placement http://www.outsource2documaker.com/2009/01/where-adsense-should-appear.html

they suggest to do some research to see where the ads will make the most money, but there are some general ideas that usually work better than others. Placing ads at the top of the article (i think this differs from banner ads) seems to work better than ads placed on the sides or bottom, ads placed on the left side seem to work better than ads placed on the right, because when people are reading something from left to right, their eyes have to travel back to the left side where they might catch your ad, this also depends on the language, if the people read from right to left then the right side is better, ads on the bottom work better for articles where people can leave comments, so ads between the article and the comment box are more suited.
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Ad Placement
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