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 What is this job business is all about?

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PostSubject: What is this job business is all about?   Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:42 pm

a) What are jobs?
b) How jobs are created
c) Example
d) How to get a job

a) What are jobs?
Jobs are bite-size pieces of a bigger plan, they are there to make an overwhelming goal possible!
The different jobs will go into one of 3 categories, where you can become more specialized based on your interests.

1) Structure - the layout of the website and future development
2) Content - your blogs, tutorials, art, etc...
3) Marketing - spreading the word and making our topics appealing to a wide audience, and don't forget the ads

b) How jobs are created?

1) Decide on a plan that you want to work on.
2) Break the plan down into smaller pieces. (The breakdown process is a job by itself)
3) Post the smaller pieces as jobs

c) Example

You decide to write an article on video games (That's the plan)

Next you break down "video games" into smaller pieces, say each game itself (the breakdown process is a job by itself, therefore who ever is doing this job decides what to break it down into) then you can also break the game down by characters, strategies etc...

next, you post the jobs, "Research and article needed on this game and character" (Job posting)

d) How to get a job

Jobs are posted in the official job index
In order to decide who gets what job, people will be able to bid on the job they would like to do, jobs will remain open for 1 week from the posting date (the bidder who is willing to do the job for the lowest price at the end of the week period, gets the job)
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What is this job business is all about?
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